Fan Bingbing's New Hairstyle Reveals Her Flaw?

Fan Bingbing's New Hairstyle Reveals Her Flaw?

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing reveals her flaw with a new hairstyle?

Fan Bingbing is known as one of the most beautiful actresses in China. However, in a recent video, her new hairstyle reveals the flaw of her face shape.

In the video recorded, Fan Bingbing expressed her gratitude to be mentioned on the show and promised to appear on the show. She showcases her new see-through fringe hairstyle with bun.

Netizens then commented, 'her cheekbones are so wide, and that sharp chin','some even said that her hair volume is decreasing'. In contrast, some fans showed her support by saying, 'she's still gorgeous', 'a pure beauty' and etc.

What do you think?

Fan Bingbing's new hairstyle

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