This Chinese Actor Goes Viral Because Of Plastic Surgery!

This Chinese Actor Goes Viral Because Of Plastic Surgery!

Chinese actor Qiu He Nan (Anson) goes viral in China because of his sharp chin!

He has become the main topic of discussion thanks to his latest drama "You're A Dead Man, Long Riyi". Instead of discussing his acting skills, he garners much attention because of his looks.

Many Chinese netizens said that he had plastic surgery. To this, he uploaded a post to address the issue.

He wrote, 'thanks to everyone's support...please have mercy...I don't like to talk's not easy to survive out one wants to go for the worse...but I just debuted, a young kid and a lot of things are out of my control..... of course as an actor I must live up to the viewers' expectation... at the root of the problem I'm wrong... I'll not compromise next time... I'll stay at home alone for some time and return naturally soon... see you in the next project... I'll guarantee there's no next time... sorry sorry sorry If you think that it's an offense to your eyes please get over it after bashing... if you think that there are other good-looking actors out there please support them THANKS, THANKS"

Attached some photos from his drama, what do you think?

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